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                Chinabase was founded in 1994, headquartered in Beijing. Our branch office located in Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou & Wuhan. We work with endeavor to serve our clients with stable resources and professional service.

                We have positioned ourselves as a pure sales agent for pulp products and become the most reliable partner for Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL) and Chilean Arauco Group (Celulosa Arauco Y Constitucion S.A.) in China. Meanwhile, we are loyal to all our suppliers and clients. Our working style of credibility and diligence, our enterprise spirit of ˇ°Integrity, Unity & Dedicationˇ±, our deepening acquaintance of the pulp products, our enlarging scope of various brands and our elaborating marketing platform has all contributed to the stable resources and superior service & technical support provided to our local clients, and the efficient marketing & sales strategies provided to our suppliers.

                Through persistence and hard working in the pulp and paper industry for more than twenty years, as well as the virtue of integrity, unity and preciseness, Chinabase gained excellent reputation among our customers and won the trust and support in this industry. We have built up a image of credibility and integrity and set up a marketing platform in China, which both our suppliers and clients can mutually confide in and support.

                Chinabase has always been committed to the cultivation of the corporate culture and team spirit when building the platform for fulfilling our role of being a professional agent for pulp sales and marketing. Ever since the foundation of Chinabase, the corporate spirit, Integrity, Unity, Dedication, Diligence, Efficiency & Preciseness, has been raised, and we have been devoting ourselves to the inheritance, cultivation and promotion of the corporate spirit in the past two decades. We have cultivated a team full of excellent staff with sense of loyalty, diligence and responsibility, and also a stable & outstanding team with integrity and preciseness, unity and efficiency.We are a team professional, young and energetic, also a stable & excellent team, upholding sense of integrity, preciseness, unity and efficiency. Experiencing the fast-developing pulp & paper industry of our country in the last two decades, people from Chinabase will be growing together with our clients by providing our customers with more professional, efficient and precise service. We look forward to the glory of 50th & 100th birthday of Chinabase.

                We, Chinabase, will move forward firmly to greet the more brilliant tomorrow.